Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

Waterdeep: Will You Make It?

Next Session: Tuesday, October 18th

Welcome to Dawn of the Old Gods: Horde of the Dragon Queen

This is a group of consisting of both veteran and rookie D&Ders who, for some reason, like to spend their Saturday nights fighting dragons and stopping evil across Fearun. Originally this group started as a homebrew campaign set in the world of Forgotten Realms but with the release of 5E I have decided to run the first module, Horde of the Dragon Queen, interlaced with my homebrew campaign ideas.

Our party consists of:

  • Brian playing Rand Ju’ein the Elven Chatterbox Wizard
  • Jeef playing Jikar Jikamazad the Berserk Dragonborn Barbarian
  • Bob playing Mirrin the “Lucky” Tiefling Trickster Cleric of Tymora
  • Beaver playing Schyld Delmirev the Beautiful Silver Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut
  • Jake playing Tiny the pint-sized Halfling Rouge
    *Alex playing Godric the Tiefling Zhentarim Assassin

The party originally consisted of completely different characters that were ported from 4E to 5E but after trying to square off with Langdedrosa and his dragonborn henchies their character sheets met my shredder (TPK). That is the reason that the adventure log starts within episode 3 of Horde of the Dragon Queen.

Hopefully this party does better ;-)


Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

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