Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny in Phlan III

Session 28! D Scott

-Tiny and Neleska infiltrated the Cult and Gathered more info
-You found out there was one ship that was holding out in the port
-Tiny and Neleska diminished the number of Cultists laying siege to the boat
-You all fought off the rest and gave a dire croc a good lunch
-Brought all of the survivors you have rescued to the boat
-the Boat’s captain was Leo Oceanmotion…who you’ve met before
-The Survivors are making a resistance operation on the island to the south of Phlan
-You found a house in the city to lie low in for the night

Tyranny in Phlan II

-Talked with the survivors about making a plan to save Phlan
-Ventured out of the Inn to gather info and save more townsfolk
-Made your way to Aya’s wizard tower
-2/3 Librarian’s blew themselves up trying to get into a room you convinced them to go into
-You found Aya’s sex dungeon
-Gained some useful but sensual magic items
-Went to find the Welcomers (Phlans Thieves Guild)
-Found Glevith and the Welcomers
-Glevith gave the Harper members a task to complete for the Harpers
-You brought Glevith, the remaining Librarian, and all of the other survivors to the original inn

Tyranny in Phlan

-Meeting with Aleyd
-Phlan is attacked by Vorgansharax
-Hobgoblins, Half-Dragon Ettins and Cultists start capturing townsfolk
-The party saves many people while Aleyd protects bar patrons
-You save L’il Topp, Euriponee, Aya, and the Filloburstons

Council of Waterdeep
Stop the Cult - The Council

Garrik has gathered a few more factions to aid in stopping the Cult of the Dragon. He is hosting a meeting between all of the leaders to come up with a plan to stop the Cult.
Your new characters, and Mirrin and Tiny, have made their way into this meeting one way or another. You learn that the Green Dragon Mask has been spotted near the port city of Phlan and you 5 will be responsible for retrieving it.

You are given time to join any of the factions that you think you would fit in.

Then you meet with HZ the Horizon Walker and he teleports you to different elemental climate battles to test your skills in battle to make sure you are ready for the cult

Mirrin and Tiny Stand-Alone Session
Side Quests?

You spend an agonizing night on the small canoe floating, almost aimlessly, away from Castle Naerytar. You are plagued with nightmares of both the horrors that traversing the Mere alone could bring but also with what is happening to the companions that you have travelled with for over a year.
“Who survived?” “If they are alive…would you even be able to help them?”
As if the doubt wasn’t enough, Tymora almost seems to be laughing at your situation. When you catch your coin after a flip it feels heavy, almost as if the weight is to much to bare.
This is going to be a long night….

While you sleep your mind is a storm of synapse. You dream of taking down the cult, and that even without your companions that should still be your purpose. The lady is still granting you life the worst thing you could do is retreat back to Waterdeep and go back to the street rat you used to be. You had a mission and the fate of the Realms rests on a few shoulders…maybe even yours


You wake up and realize that going back the way you came is perilous. The only way that you have a chance of surviving is finding out who is alive at Nearytar and somehow escaping together. Or at the very least finding some means of travel at Nearytar that isn’t back through the Mere of Dead Men.

You arrive almost in the same spot as the destination you teleported into. Across the river you still see a mass of corpses congregated inside the smouldering Lizardfolk camp. You do not see any of your companions though. Etiher they survived or have been moved…hopefully the former. That’s when you see it, Tiny, in full Dragonclaw regalia ordering around some low level cult initiates.
What do you do?

Castle Nearytar
Another TPK?

-Describe Camp
-Spend a day watching the goings-on of the camp
-lizardfolk are being oppressed
-lizardfolk are kept in line by trolls
-Lizardfolk are clearly separated from the rest of camp
-Cultists are moving large quantities of items to and from the castle in large barrels and crates
-Try to contact Lizardfolk Jikar and Schyld don’t want them hurt
-Lizardfolk start screaming about magic
-Lizardfolk get riled up and out of hand
-Fight commences
-Trolls mistake Jikar as a cultist with rezmir
-Schyld becomes a beacon of Shalashana
-Sigurd, Schyld, Jikar are knocked out
-Mirrin and Tiny escape
-Tiny impersonates a cultist

Holk House Part IV
Finally Finishing the Holk House

Your adventuring party stands before an immense set of double doors, the entrance to Holk House. Stepping forward Schyld and Jikar ready themselves to serve as the frontline and be the first two inside the Holk House. Schyld touches the door, his form waivers and suddenly he disappears. Jikar wondering what happened touches the door as well. His form waivers slightly and he also disappears. You all quickly learn that Schyld and Jikar have been teleported to the Bell of Conjuration. After they are teleported a large shimmering arcane Glyph of Warding appears on the doors. Eventually Schyld and Jikar make their way back to the party. Sigurd with a blessing from Tymora and arcane help from Tiny dispels the glyph so Schyld and Jikar can proceed.
The Dragonborn open the door and find themselves inside a small armory with a small collection of arms and armor. All of the equipment is covered in rust and wear due to centuries of neglect. There are two stairways on either side of the room, one going up and one leading down. You all decide that you should head up first. The room above is empty and all you see is a bunch of windows that give you a top-down vision of each section of the Holk House. Not sticking around for long you head back down the stairs to descend the other stairway. As you are back in the small armory a few of you notice that there is a small amount of air coming through small cracks in one of the walls in the armory. With a closer inspection you all realize that there is a secret door in the wall. So instead of descending down the second stairwell you decide to make your way through the secret door. The Glyph of Warding on the secret door posed no problem this time and you all make your way through to the next room. The secret door lead into what looks like a secret meeting room for the previous faithful of Eldath. There are a bunch of desecrated symbols of Eldath. You all also notice that this room smells putrid. The smell is almost overwhelming. Besides the smell you all also hear some chanting on the other side of the door in abyssal. The smell becomes worse, the chanting becomes louder and eventually you all decide to go into the next room. Right before you head in Mirrin looks through the keyhole and sees a big arcane vortex in the middle of the room.
You open the door and in front of you is a bulky toad-like monstrosity. The fiend’s armored flesh is scaly and moist and it has a large toothy mouth that gapes below a pair of hungry reptilian eyes. It appears in the middle of the vortex and takes one step towards you. This is the creature that the lizardfolk have named Shalashana and it looks intent on violence.


As the demonic soldier readies itself to lunge into the party you hear someone behind it, in a pinched and nasally voice, command it to stop. Tilting your head and looking behind the demon you notice a man who fits Varak’s Description looking your way and smiling.
“AHHHhhh Sigurd. I was wondering when you would join me here…and with guests. How convenient. Ghaunadaur has given so much more than you believe. Did you think yourself the only one? No…you couldn’t have been that naïve. Are you here to answer for the atrocities of the Cult of the Dragon? Fear not comrade…they are being taken care of. My lizardfolk army and” He gestures to the froglike demon “and Shalashana have made short work of the shipments that have been coming through. We’ve been so effective that it seems in the past couple weeks the shipments have stopped”
Sigurd, obviously distraught about something and seemingly overwhelmed with anger lets the conversation go on for only a few more moments. Also, while Sigurd is engaged in conversation with Varak the rest of you notice that Tiny is quietly clearing his throat over and over again. After each time he clears his throat he says a few words to himself…which after a few attempts sound closer and closer to Varak’s voice. All of a sudden Sigurd charges Varak and the fight is on. Sigurd stays close to Varak while the Dragonborn eventually rush and surround Shalashana. Varak, not wanting to stand toe-to-toe with Sigurd runs around the battlefield. This seems to buy time for the frog demon to attack Jikar and Schyld. The demon attacks with visceral fury hammering you both with claw attacks as well as working in the occasional bite. You both notice really quickly that this demon would be able to overwhelm both of you. And, as if its attacks weren’t enough, the smell of the demon is overwhelming, putrid and disgusting. It’s so bad that it effects your ability to attack efficiently.
Sigurd in an attempt to confuse and close in on Varak shrouds the area around himself with complete darkness. Varrak, realizing that he is completely out matched, dimension doors right next to tiny and takes off running, but due to the darkness only succeeds in smashing his junk into the railing leading down the stairs and falls over. Almost on queue Varak’s voice is heard from inside the darkness and as loud as possible it states, “Shalashana has been defeated and there are new rulers in Shalashana’s temple. Go into the Mere and collect them patronage.” Scuffling and yelling in draconic is heard…which eventually dies out. The temple has been effectively cleared of Lizardfolk for a short while.
Back in the room of the arcane vortex Schyld, Jikar, Mirrinx2, and eventually Tiny are able to get past the swinging fists and horrible stench of the Frog Demon and kill him. As the body slumps over it starts to dissipate and fall apart; its pieces floating up and disappearing into the ether. As that fight ends Sigurd drags Varak back into the room still shrouded in darkness. The darkness sits for about 2 minutes until suddenly it disappears and you are all witness to Sigurd pulling his ephemeral axe out of Varak’s chest. (Side note: during sigurd’s secret conversation with Varak in the darkness he saw a VERY determined Tiny, on his hands and knees, slowly creep towards Varak’s body. Once there Tiny groped his way to Varak’s pockets, pulled out a sack of coins, essentially high-fived himself and slowly slinked away….The perfect crime….Or it would have been if Sigurd didn’t watch it all go down with a look of dumbfounded exasperation)
With Shalashana gone and the lizardfolk having been taken care of non-violently the rest of the holk house was ready for you to explore.

-Explored Holk House
-Found Eldath Artifacts, Books of Planar Travel, Book of Wisdom, Mirror of Teleportation
-Teleported back to New Iniarv’s Tower
-Gave back the Eldath Artifact’s to Justin
-Almost got kicked out of the tower because Mirrin blessed Holk House
-Had a secret poker game with Justin
-Used the last shard of the mirror of Teleportation to Teleport to Castle Naerytar

Holk House Part III
Keep on Trucking

After recuperating from your strenuous fight with the Panagalan Vampire at the ruins of a long abandoned tower you all decide that today’s the day that you adventure to Holk House. You start your journey back a little more cautiously than before because of the peril that you’ve already faced during your journey to the House previously.

How can something influence your mind so easily? Are there stronger threats than the Panangalan for you to face once you are at the House?

These are the questions that are weighing heavily on your mind as you row into the Monolithic circle again. Looking around you don’t see any threats; neither lizardfolk or floating, charming, blood-sucking heads. Without anything preventing you from going further into the Mere you decide to press on. Tiny, Sigurd and Mirrin were given clear mental images of the location of Holk House during your encounter with the vampire so going the rest of the way was no issue.
You rowed your skiffs in silence for another 2 hours and came upon a massive stone wall surrounding what you would guess was some sort of compound. You knew that this was the Holk House. As you row up to the stone fortification you realize that even though the wall towers 15 feet above the water there is probably about 20 feet of the wall that is below the surface. Holk House is most likely sunk under water.

In an attempt to get the layout of Holk House and see if their are any sentries or lookouts Tiny grabs his magical broom and stealthily floats above the wall. Inside he sees that Holk House and it’s surrounding compounds are mostly underwater and they they are all in different states of disarray and destruction. Tiny also notes that there are some lizardfolk and the largest crocodiles he’s ever seen lounging on the roof of the Holk House, which because of the water level is essentially an island in the middle of the compound. Besides the lounging lizards on the roof there was one roving pack of lizardfolk travelling the outside of the compound in a small skiff similar to those that you have.

Not wanting to lose the daylight hours you have or chance another encounter with the Panangalan you spring into action. Tiny lands on the fortifications, drops down a rope for the rest of the party, knocks an arrow, takes aim, and fires at the lizardfolk on the skiff. As the arrow embeds itself into the lizardfolk’s shoulder the fight is on. Schyld and Jikar lay a trap on the outside of the fortifications in their skiff while Sigurd, Tiny and Mirrin take the high ground. The lizardfolk put up a good fight but are all eventually melted by Tymora’s radiant light emanating from Mirrin’s clone. The Giant Crocodiles on the other hand put up a much better fight. Their bite attacks are vicious and when they grab you they start their crocodile death rolls. And that is not the only side you have to worry about….the Giant Crocodiles also had a tail attack that could topple a thick tree.

They were nothing you hadn’t seen before though and you eventually took care of all of the threats waiting on the outside of Holk House. Schyld and Jikar both noted that they needed to take a short rest to bind the wounds that they received fighting those crocodiles. You decided that the roof was the best place for you all to recover. Since Sigurd, Mirrin and Tiny didn’t need to recover from the fight they took their time scouting the other parts of the compound, It looked like the tower was some sort of dormitories and the pile of rubble in the opposite corner was the ruins of a stable. Schyld also noticed that the ground under the water was littered with skeleton and desiccating bodies, most of which clutched weapons in their hands. He also immediately recalled that this was the exact scene that he envisioned when entering the monolithic circle.

Is this some sort of divination? Was Bahamut granting him a vision of the perils to come?

When Jikar and Schyld had the wounds bound and felt recovered you decided to start checking on each of the individual parts of the compound starting with the ruins of the stable. Before you could get to that though Jikar had the brilliant idea of trying to cut his way into Holk House. He took one mighty swing with his enormous axe and struck the roof. As soon as the wood splintered an acrid, putrid smell started pouring from the small hole he cut. It may be the worst smell you’ve ever smelled…and that’s even taking into account the smells Tiny can produce after a big meal of mutton…

Picture this…you 5 have been travelling through the Mere, the biggest swamp on this continent full of muck, bogs, rotten corpses, and peat that smells like a septic system. Your noses have become thoroughly immune to terrible smells over the last month. Your nose was not ready for the putrid stench emanating from that hole that Jikar chopped.

Realizing that the stables looked even more enticing now Jikar and Schyld jumped into the water to see what they could find in the ruins. After moving a few timbers and realizing the stones and remaining timbers could tumble down trapping them in a watery grave Jikar and Schyld were only able to recover 2 amulets. Once back on the surface you all noted that the amulets had a symbol of Eldath emblazoned on them. These are the types of artifacts that Sir Justin wanted you to recover.
You found much of the same inside the ruins of the dormitory. One more amulet of Eldath that you could potentially return to Sir Justin.

The Bell Tower is where things got interesting. Mirrin and Tiny noticed that something was up with the bell inside the tower but they were just far enough to not make out any details. Sigurd, taking initiative, dove into the water and swam down to the submerged entrance. He was able to go through the door, which was in shambles, and swim about halfway up the tower. Once he was back on the surface of the water he was able to walk up a spiraling wooden staircase inside the tower to the bell. Slowly walking circles around the bell the bell with intense study, with some light granted by Tiny, Sigurd noted that the base of the bell was covered in runes and glyphs of conjuration. Sigurd also mentioned that he thinks ringing the bell could potentially empower conjuration spells that get cast. With one final circle around the bell to make sure he didn’t miss anything Sigurd made his way back to the party.

Now it was time to make your way into Holk House. You checked your equipment and assembled in front of one of the two entrances that were not submerged. This is where we will pick up the session.

Holk House - Part II
Let's Keep Trying

Session 20

You look around at the lizardfolk corpses littering the sanctity of the dying druids grove.
“Who is Salashana?”
Now that you finally have time to look around Mirrin and Schyld both note that the scratches and markings that deface the monoliths circling the pool have all been made fairly recently. If you had to guess they were made within the last year. While Mirrin and Schyld navigate their skiffs from monolith to monolith Jikar thoroughly looks over the Lizard Chieftain that fell in the battle. Jikar gets his hands on the Lizard Chieftain’s heavy barbed trident and then he finds his eyes drawn to a totem hanging around the chieftain’s neck.
The strange totem is carved to resemble an ornate throne upon which sits a hideous creature resembling a cross between a toad and a fish. The sides of the throne are carved with swamp scenes, alligators, and kneeling lizard men holding trays of treasure and sacrificial offerings. Much like the monoliths circling the outside of this pool Jikar judges from the lack of chips and nicks that this totem has been carved recently and is relatively new.

While Schyld and Mirrin study the monolith’s and Jikar looks over the chieftain’s body Sigurd and Tiny stick to their skiff and have a conversation. Eventually everybody meets back in the center of the mirrorlike pool and you discuss a few things. First, you all bring up the visions that you had as you entered the circle of monolith’s. Each of you had a different vision. Second, the words defacing the monoliths are a mix of abyssal and draconic. Third, the totem and the markings defacing the monoliths are all relatively new.
You notice one thing during your discussions…in the middle of the pool you can actually get your first taste of direct sunlight in months, and it feels amazing. So, hoping to revel in the warm rays for a bit longer, Jikar lets out a huge yawn, which spews a small puffs of acidic vapor into the air, and slumps down into his skiff exhausted. Tiny digs into his pack, pulls out some food and starts comping, Schyld kneels down in prayer and Mirrin and Sigurd simultaneously bust out a set of dice and cards and look at each other grinning. Mirrin doesn’t stay grinning for long though…Tymora’s luck was shinning on Sigurd during the game.

After a few hours, and a short rest, you all agree that you might as well try to camp here for the night. You tie up your skiffs, tie them to a monolith and bed down for the night. On the first watch Schyld notices a few crocodiles…..wait, no…..lizardfolk watching you as you sleep. They don’t seem hostile though and they never approach past the circle of the monolith’s. Eventually it comes to Tiny’s watch. Tiny, quickly spinning an arrow in circles around his pointer finger while looking around, notices the face of a beautiful elven woman floating about 100 feet away.
“You know what would be a good idea” Tiny thinks “Cutting these boats apart”
Tiny grabs a small knife from his belt and cuts all the ropes connecting the boats. Nobody else stirs. As soon as he finishes disconnecting the boats…
Everybody wakes up in a flash. Curious as to why Tiny is suddenly so adamant to get to Holk House you all start fielding questions as to where this sudden zeal came from. Tiny, without much explaining, keeps adamantly stating that Holk House needs to be breached tonight. You all start speculating that somethings up when Mirrin chimes in…
“Tiny is right. We need to go to Holk House right now”

Eventually after some minor arguing back and forth Jikar drags both Mirrin and Tiny outside of the Monoliths…which doesn’t seem to do much as they keep insisting that Holk House needs to be approached tonight in the cover of darkness. Not thinking anything else is up Jikar, almost giving up on Mirrin and Tiny asks Sigurd if he thinks that going tonight is a good idea.
Though he had been opposed to the idea of leaving since waking up but not really joining the arguments (because he was busy staring at the rare constellation happening in the sky), Sigurd as well has a sudden change of heart. He points out the constellation and says Holk House must be accessed tonight.
Mirrin, Tiny and Sigurd then start insisting that Jikar lead the way. After another couple rounds of attempted persuasion the three of them suddenly, and without warning, start paddling in the direction of Holk House. Jikar having his own ideas paddles the other direction. Schyld, almost at a loss, holds his ground within the Monolith circle.
After Mirrin, Sigurd and Tiny get a good distance away Jikar, on his own outside the circle is attacked by this:


It wraps and it’s intestines around Jikar’s shoulders and chest starts squeezing air from his lungs. The monster also sinks its long fangs into Jikars neck. Schyld desperately tries to get to Jikar to help tear the beast off of him. The other three keep rowing away….until Mirrin snaps out of the charm that they were under. He quickly paddles himself next to Jikar, who is drained and lifeless, and uses the cloak of the montebank to GTFO. Schyld is the Pananggalan’s next victim.

The fight wages for a few more rounds as more of you escape the Pananggalan’s charm. Before you can best her though she errupts into a terrible scream and flys off in a fury.
You stand at ready for a few more minutes and then when you think she may not attack again you start scrambling to figure out what you are going to do for the rest of the night. Jikar is on the verge of death, he is weakened, has burning viscus fluid dripping from two gashes on his neck and isn’t able to lift himself up for more than a few minutes at a time. You all decide that your best bet is to go back to a fort you stumbled upon while looking for Holk House. The journey back to it is about 6 hours but it should be safe.

You make your way back to the abandoned fort and try to sleep again. You successfully camp through the night. In the morning Jikar is slightly better but is still experiencing a bout of intense exhaustion. You all decide to stay relaxed and let Jikar rest. You stay occupied during the day but don’t do much besides becoming more acquainted with Sigurd and discuss the beast that attacked you. Tiny sings a throaty halfling song. That second night you hear a scream much like you heard when the Panangglan flew away but other than that your night passes without much problem. In the morning Jikar is much worse. He in a worse condition than he was as you were escaping that creature. Mirrin with some quick thinking decides to try and remove a curse. Jikar perks up almost instantly. Though still exhausted it seems as though the only thing affecting him at this point is sore muscles and tired bones. You all think that one more night of rest in the fort is a good idea before you strike at the Holk House once again.

Holk House Part I
Holk House is scary

-Pass out the magical items

-purchase rations, potions of healing and many other items necessary for survival in the Mere

-Start your expedition to Holk House

-Finding Holk House Skill Challenge
—failures 8 days in a row
—Lost your sense of direction and became exhausted
—Tiny eliminating potential areas with ease

-Eventually found your way to the area outside of Holk House

-Found a pool surrounded by monoliths and fought a tribe of Lizardfolk in service to SHALASHANA


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