Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

Castle Nearytar

Another TPK?

-Describe Camp
-Spend a day watching the goings-on of the camp
-lizardfolk are being oppressed
-lizardfolk are kept in line by trolls
-Lizardfolk are clearly separated from the rest of camp
-Cultists are moving large quantities of items to and from the castle in large barrels and crates
-Try to contact Lizardfolk Jikar and Schyld don’t want them hurt
-Lizardfolk start screaming about magic
-Lizardfolk get riled up and out of hand
-Fight commences
-Trolls mistake Jikar as a cultist with rezmir
-Schyld becomes a beacon of Shalashana
-Sigurd, Schyld, Jikar are knocked out
-Mirrin and Tiny escape
-Tiny impersonates a cultist


Reckoning_Wolf Reckoning_Wolf

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