Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

Holk House - Part II

Let's Keep Trying

Session 20

You look around at the lizardfolk corpses littering the sanctity of the dying druids grove.
“Who is Salashana?”
Now that you finally have time to look around Mirrin and Schyld both note that the scratches and markings that deface the monoliths circling the pool have all been made fairly recently. If you had to guess they were made within the last year. While Mirrin and Schyld navigate their skiffs from monolith to monolith Jikar thoroughly looks over the Lizard Chieftain that fell in the battle. Jikar gets his hands on the Lizard Chieftain’s heavy barbed trident and then he finds his eyes drawn to a totem hanging around the chieftain’s neck.
The strange totem is carved to resemble an ornate throne upon which sits a hideous creature resembling a cross between a toad and a fish. The sides of the throne are carved with swamp scenes, alligators, and kneeling lizard men holding trays of treasure and sacrificial offerings. Much like the monoliths circling the outside of this pool Jikar judges from the lack of chips and nicks that this totem has been carved recently and is relatively new.

While Schyld and Mirrin study the monolith’s and Jikar looks over the chieftain’s body Sigurd and Tiny stick to their skiff and have a conversation. Eventually everybody meets back in the center of the mirrorlike pool and you discuss a few things. First, you all bring up the visions that you had as you entered the circle of monolith’s. Each of you had a different vision. Second, the words defacing the monoliths are a mix of abyssal and draconic. Third, the totem and the markings defacing the monoliths are all relatively new.
You notice one thing during your discussions…in the middle of the pool you can actually get your first taste of direct sunlight in months, and it feels amazing. So, hoping to revel in the warm rays for a bit longer, Jikar lets out a huge yawn, which spews a small puffs of acidic vapor into the air, and slumps down into his skiff exhausted. Tiny digs into his pack, pulls out some food and starts comping, Schyld kneels down in prayer and Mirrin and Sigurd simultaneously bust out a set of dice and cards and look at each other grinning. Mirrin doesn’t stay grinning for long though…Tymora’s luck was shinning on Sigurd during the game.

After a few hours, and a short rest, you all agree that you might as well try to camp here for the night. You tie up your skiffs, tie them to a monolith and bed down for the night. On the first watch Schyld notices a few crocodiles…..wait, no…..lizardfolk watching you as you sleep. They don’t seem hostile though and they never approach past the circle of the monolith’s. Eventually it comes to Tiny’s watch. Tiny, quickly spinning an arrow in circles around his pointer finger while looking around, notices the face of a beautiful elven woman floating about 100 feet away.
“You know what would be a good idea” Tiny thinks “Cutting these boats apart”
Tiny grabs a small knife from his belt and cuts all the ropes connecting the boats. Nobody else stirs. As soon as he finishes disconnecting the boats…
Everybody wakes up in a flash. Curious as to why Tiny is suddenly so adamant to get to Holk House you all start fielding questions as to where this sudden zeal came from. Tiny, without much explaining, keeps adamantly stating that Holk House needs to be breached tonight. You all start speculating that somethings up when Mirrin chimes in…
“Tiny is right. We need to go to Holk House right now”

Eventually after some minor arguing back and forth Jikar drags both Mirrin and Tiny outside of the Monoliths…which doesn’t seem to do much as they keep insisting that Holk House needs to be approached tonight in the cover of darkness. Not thinking anything else is up Jikar, almost giving up on Mirrin and Tiny asks Sigurd if he thinks that going tonight is a good idea.
Though he had been opposed to the idea of leaving since waking up but not really joining the arguments (because he was busy staring at the rare constellation happening in the sky), Sigurd as well has a sudden change of heart. He points out the constellation and says Holk House must be accessed tonight.
Mirrin, Tiny and Sigurd then start insisting that Jikar lead the way. After another couple rounds of attempted persuasion the three of them suddenly, and without warning, start paddling in the direction of Holk House. Jikar having his own ideas paddles the other direction. Schyld, almost at a loss, holds his ground within the Monolith circle.
After Mirrin, Sigurd and Tiny get a good distance away Jikar, on his own outside the circle is attacked by this:


It wraps and it’s intestines around Jikar’s shoulders and chest starts squeezing air from his lungs. The monster also sinks its long fangs into Jikars neck. Schyld desperately tries to get to Jikar to help tear the beast off of him. The other three keep rowing away….until Mirrin snaps out of the charm that they were under. He quickly paddles himself next to Jikar, who is drained and lifeless, and uses the cloak of the montebank to GTFO. Schyld is the Pananggalan’s next victim.

The fight wages for a few more rounds as more of you escape the Pananggalan’s charm. Before you can best her though she errupts into a terrible scream and flys off in a fury.
You stand at ready for a few more minutes and then when you think she may not attack again you start scrambling to figure out what you are going to do for the rest of the night. Jikar is on the verge of death, he is weakened, has burning viscus fluid dripping from two gashes on his neck and isn’t able to lift himself up for more than a few minutes at a time. You all decide that your best bet is to go back to a fort you stumbled upon while looking for Holk House. The journey back to it is about 6 hours but it should be safe.

You make your way back to the abandoned fort and try to sleep again. You successfully camp through the night. In the morning Jikar is slightly better but is still experiencing a bout of intense exhaustion. You all decide to stay relaxed and let Jikar rest. You stay occupied during the day but don’t do much besides becoming more acquainted with Sigurd and discuss the beast that attacked you. Tiny sings a throaty halfling song. That second night you hear a scream much like you heard when the Panangglan flew away but other than that your night passes without much problem. In the morning Jikar is much worse. He in a worse condition than he was as you were escaping that creature. Mirrin with some quick thinking decides to try and remove a curse. Jikar perks up almost instantly. Though still exhausted it seems as though the only thing affecting him at this point is sore muscles and tired bones. You all think that one more night of rest in the fort is a good idea before you strike at the Holk House once again.


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