Frulam Mondath

Man-Lady Cleric of Tiamat


Frulam Mondath was a Cleric of Tiamat who lorded over the raider camp. Your party found that she was a female after her death, though it was obvious she tried very hard to conceal her gender. Her hair was kept short, military style, and she wore bulkier armor that hid her feminine features. It is well known that Mondath revels in the suffering of those beneath her.

She was obviously organized and precise as you found a lot of papers and maps tracking most activity and members within the Cult of the Dragon.


Frulam Mondath was a member of the Cult of the Dragon in the Greenfield area of Fearun. Her primary task was planning and leading the initial raids against tribes and small cities in the Western Heartlands. The raids were savage and brutal leaving minimal survivors.

After the location of the raider camp was exposed by Leosin Erlanthar and the initial adventurer party the Cult of the Dragon left, moving along the Sword Coast. Mondath stayed behind. You found out later that she stayed behind to watch over the remaining black dragon eggs left in the cave and to allow a few more new initiates to “accept the dragon”.

Frulam Mondath was killed by Jikar Jikamazad, Rand Ju’ein, Schyld Delmirev, Mirrin, and Tiny while she was writing a correspondance to Rezmir.

Frulam Mondath

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