Garrik Haleen

Elven Lead Adviser (The Hammer) for Order of the Gauntlet


Garrik is a moon elf with an average frame. He has stark white hair, not a color common among his race. One will notice by watching Garrik that he moves with a rare grace, as if he is not even touching the ground. Garrik shies away from touching others and generally stands as far away from you as possible when having a conversation. The only time he speaks is when he has something to say.

All of that completely changed after Highharvesttide. His hair has curiously changed to a natural elven black. His face is full of life and vigor and he is no longer introverted and stand-offish.



It is hard to pin an age on Garrik. His features portray someone with youthful vigor but after one conversation one will realize that he is affluent and very experienced. He has mentioned in passing that he could be well over 300 years old…

A decade ago Garrik was the sole owner of the F.P.S (Fearun Parcel Service) in which he amassed an enormous fortune. Eight years ago, for unknown reasons, he relinquished his ownership of the company to join the Order of the Gauntlet.

On your trip down the River Chionthar Garrik asked you to do him a favor in Baldur’s Gate. He mentioned helping cure the Abyssal Plague near Neverwinter and wanted you to investigate claims of the plague in Baldur’s Gate. During this trip Garrik kept to himself and he only seemed to speak when he had something to say.

In Baldur’s Gate Garrik immidiately went to the inn, The Three Kegs. After you tracked down the source of the Plague in Baldur’s Gate you found that Garrik had left out some key details about confronting the plague, especially if you have abyssal blood. Rand Ju’ein and Tiny read Garrik’s aura and found that he gave off an aura that harnessed a unique type of energy and was definitively evil.

The Party has discovered a few things about Garrik:

  • Garrik has fought in 2 wars. One of which was the Goblin Wars which was ~125 years ago
  • He has left out key details about Abyssal Plagues effects on Tielfings when sending you to investigate the plague in Baldur’s Gate
  • He has an aura that emanates a unique type of energy
  • Tiny was able to detect that the aura was evil
  • His energy seems to be draining out of him, his eyes are becoming sunken, and he seems to be losing his focus the more you interact with him
  • His health did a complete 180 after Highharvesttide. He is full of youthful vigor and energy
  • He is a follower of Selune (He started wearing a pendant of Selune immediately after Highharvesttide Festival)
  • He is allergic to Silver but immune to diseases

Garrik Haleen

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