Gold Dragon Glaedr that destroyed Daggerford


As you neared the end of your trip on the Trade Way the caravans final stop, before Waterdeep, was the small city of Daggerford. Unfortunately as you were less than a mile away a large plume of smoke was rising from the direction that Daggerford resides. In an attempt to figure out what was happening in the city the party rode ahead towards the smoke.

Glaedr, a youthful gold dragon, was destroying the town. He found out that a wizard staying at the town was a high ranking member of the Cult of the Dragon. Unfortunately, the wizard was harder to kill that Glaedr had predicted and he had to create a swirling inferno, killing most within the town, just to try and kill the wizard.

He justified his actions to the party by saying that the Cult of the Dragon poses a realm wide threat and that killing the Wizard is worth sacrificing townspeople.



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