Lady Mia Rhys

Ruler of Iriaebor, Leader of the Merchant Council


Lady Mia is a follower of Lathander, though her faith comes second to her duties as ruler. Mia is neither intimidating nor quick to judge but she has a quick wit and is considered one of the best sword-masters of Iriaebor. Past members of the guild have misinterpreted Mia as someone they could easily control only to find themselves penniless and wondering.


Lady Mia was born and raised in the streets of Iriaebor. She was able to use her street smarts, quick wit, and fierce determination to rise quickly within the temple of Lathander. Eventually Mia became the churches seat on the merchant council.

After years of class warfare and political infighting within the merchant council Lady Mia finally took direct control of the fate of the city and was promoted to its ruler. Most say that this move was purely political in hopes to regain the populous’s support. That aside, Mai believes strongly in the city, feeling that if the in-fighting of this time were to stop, they will become a much greater power in the Western Heartlands.

Lady Mia Rhys

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