Leosin Erlanthar

A cocksure Half-elf Harper Agent monk


Leosin is a 5’ tall average looking half-elf. His skin is bronzed as if he spends a majority of his time in the sun and he has a tattoo of a harp on his forearm. His lithe movements betray his monastic training as each step is efficient and graceful.

He is self absorbed, intelligent, cocky, and (in his mind) always right.


Leosin was returning to the monastery in Elturel from the library at Candlekeep, where he was consulting librarians and researching draconic lore, when he stayed in the small town of Greenest to rest. While he slept, a large raiding party of Men and Kobolds, alongside an enormous Blue Dragon, descended upon Greenest. The raiders looted houses, killed villagers, and even tried storming the keep. Seeing this as an opportunity learn about the Cult of the Dragon first hand (as no other cult would have a blue dragon as an ally) Leosin got himself “captured”.

Leosin was at the Raider camp for a couple days able to learn a significant amount of information; escaping his bonds at night and stealthily roaming the camp collecting information. He learned how the cult operates, was able to identify some key cult members, and from that was able to guess at their reasons for attacking Greenest: amassing a fortune to draw other powerful dragons to the cult. Eventually, Leosin was found snooping around by Langdedrosa Cyanwraith and almost killed. He was saved by a group of adventurers who were also in Greenest during the raider attacks.

Leosin is a proud member of the Harpers, his monastery, and a moderator on: r/fitness and r/fatshamming

Leosin in the clutches of the Cult of the Dragon

Leosin Erlanthar

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