Ontharr Frume

Oathman of the Harpers in Elturel, Human Paladin of Bahamut


Harper Agent contact in Elturel

Ontharr is a middle-aged devout paladin of Bahamut. Though he has a long history of adventure under his belt his face portrays an easy lifestyle. He keeps his face and hair well groomed and has never had a bad hair day. You’ve learned that his morning ritual consists of an hour of prayer at sun-up followed by an in-home spa treatment (gotta keep up the luscious looks).


Recently, Ontharr has been desperately searching for Harper recruits to face the growing threat of the Cult of the Dragon. He recruited each of you because you are personally invested in the Cult of the Dragon. Though a number of you do not fit the mold of a typical Harper agent, you all have reasons for which you are suited for this task.

During your recruitment you’ve learned that Ontharr has a beautiful lustrous estate near the river Chionthar which he purchased after his short but very successful stint with the Platinum Liberation Force. Less than a decade ago Ontharr and the PLF fought and defeated a 20 headed Hydra (by the stories account) plaguing the sword coast between Beregost and Baldur’s Gate. Statues depicting this battle can be found on his estate, in Bereghost and Baldur’s Gate.

Ontharr is known to be more self serving than most Paladins, and has on multiple occasions been known to throw large parties to show off his wealth.

Ontharr Frume

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