Big Red Half-Tiefling Half-Goliath Barbarian


Rulk was a contestant at Baldur’s Gate Highharvesttide Arm Wrestling Contest in 1489 DR. His strength was said to be paralleled only by his anger. Known for flying into bursts of rage Rulk is usually not allowed to walk freely through most cities, although that was waved in Baldur’s Gate so that he could participate in the arm wrestling tournament.


Recently he has developed animosity towards Jikar Jikamazad after being shown up not once…but twice during Highharvesttide Festival. The day before the Arm Wrestling Tournament was scheduled to happen Jikar and Rulk had a stare down which ended with a snappy pie eating contest. Rulk didn’t even finish half of his pie before Jikar put his down. Then on the day of the tournament Jikar challenged Rulk in the first round…beating him again.

Rulk remembers. Rand heard in passing that Rulk has joined the Caravan travelling on the Trade Way to Waterdeep on Oyn’s Caravan.