Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

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Recruitment - Making the Cut
Too Easy

Session 1

A group calling themselves The Cult of the Dragon has been terrorizing villages, tribes and even small homesteads in the Greenfields since early spring. Not only that but recently the small town of Greenest was attacked by a host of raiders in league with a retinue of kobolds and even a large blue dragon. Ontharr Frume the head Harper Agents contact in the Elterguard region has assembled a small party in hopes of infiltrating the raider camp to find out if they are in league with the terrible Cult of the Dragon. The party was hand picked by Ontharr because each of them have knowledge of dragons or have dealt with the cult in the past. But before he sends them into danger he needs to make sure that they are prepared for the trails they will most surely face ahead.

The session started in the city of Elturel on Ontharr Frumes estate. Gathered in his courtyard were a group of 15 adventurers, mercenaries, and guards. Among the 15 was the party, who unbeknownst to them were the people he was evaluating. The first thing Ontharr had the party, who I’m going to refer to as The Guys, do was test them against the other 10 assembled members in a series of skill challenges measuring their physical endurance and mental fortitude. It was evident very quickly that the The Guys easily outclassed all of the others. The second round of Ontharr’s test was having The Guys face the five best adventurers from the first round in glorious combat…with the only rule being that no lethal sword swings were swung or lethal spells cast. The Guys proved that they were equally as adept at combat as they were skill challenges by quickly wiping the floor with the five adventurers.

Content that The Guys were capable of handling themselves, Ontharr spoke to them about fighting for the good of the realm. He revealed that he worked with Harper Agents in this region and that he would like them to take on a recent contract that he acquired concerning a nearby halfling village called Riverslye Homestead. Successfully helping the halflings was Ontharr’s third and final test for The Guys to prove that they were capable of helping combat the Cult of the Dragon (It also meant that he wouldn’t have to utilize a Harper Agent to complete the contract…sly old dog).

This is were we ended the session since most of this occured after a TPK and everyone had spent a majority of the night writing up new characters.

Smiley Bob

Session 2

The Guys traveled to Riverslye Homestead on the request of Ontharr Frume to protect them against a bear that had been terrorizing them. As they arrived they were kindly greeted by the hastily assembled, makeshift militia that had formed since Smiley Bob started his rampage. Gerrod, the Riverslye’s elder, informed The Guys that the bear has attacked 3 times in the last two weeks and that each incident has become progressively worse. The first attack injured 3 halflings in their attempts to scare the bear away. The second ended in the death of a Riverslye “militiaman” and the latest attack ended with a townswoman being carried off. Gerrod pleaded to the party to find out why Smiley Bob has suddenly started harassing Riverslye and would reward the party with a few small trinkets and 50 gold (a collection of the towns wealth). Needless to say Jikar Jikamazad was ready to rumble.

A few survival checks later, thanks to Mirrin, and following a trail of items dropped by the captured halfling The Guys came upon an abandoned watchtower serving as a makeshift cave for Smiley Bob. But the bear wasn’t the only one living there, outside of the tower the party also noticed that a group of goblins was also using this watchtower. In a quick and coordinated assault the party was able to wipe out the goblins outside of the tower without alerting those inside. The fight inside didn’t go as smoothly as the goblins were able to use Smiley Bob to attack the group…that quickly ended though as Mirrin smashed a container of honey over one of the Goblins who then became the bears primary target. After the fight was over Rand Ju’ein surmised that the goblins were responsible for controlling Smiley Bob by luring him to do their biding with the promise of tasty meals. Tiny as found the captured halfling girl restrained upstairs. After her fear subsided and she realized that she was being rescued she told the party that the leader of the goblins was out hunting. With that knowledge the party set up an ambush for when he returned.

The Goblin leader was easily dispatched and the party made their way back to Riverslye Homestead. Rand was able to have Smiley Bob follow them for a while with the use of a few Handle Animal checks but the party eventually decided to let him roam free. Gerrod was ecstatic for the return of the captured Halfling and excited welcomed the party back to town. They held a large farewell feast and the whole town expressed their gratitude towards the party. Finally, when Gerrod came to reward the heroes Schyld Delmirev decided that his portion could stay with the town since they obviously needed it more than he did….what a champ. The party then made the trip back to Elturel.

Once they arrived back to Ontharr’s estate they went over their successful operation with Ontharr. He decided that the party was definitely fit to combat the Cult of the Dragon and gave them the details of the Cult that he knew so far. He also said mentioned that once Leosin Erlanthar arrived back from infultrating the Cult that their next move would be decided.

That was the end of this session

Don't Go In Caves - The Dragon Hatchery
Round 1: FIGHT!

Session 3

WIP (Dragon Cave round 1/ Rooms 1-8)

The Hatchery: Rinse and Repeat
Round 2: FIGHT!

WIP (Dragon Hatchery, Fight in the Tiamat Shrine, Langdedrosa Captured, Mondath Killed)

Owlbears, Elturel, and Traitors - Oh My!
Return from the Hatchery

Session 5
-Searched Mondath’s Items and Writtings
-Left Raider camp with Langdedrosa in tow
-Attacked by Owlbears, Rand almost killed (loses an eye)
-Hassled at the gate by the City Watch of Elturel
-Langdedrosa given to Ontharr Thrume
-Tiny tried to sell the expensive ring
-Meet Oggutar and Garrik
-Attacked in Ontharr’s garden by city watch trying to free Langdedrosa

The Clumsy Giant
Trip on the River Chionthar and Baldur's Gate

-Joining either Order of the Gauntlet or The Harpers
-Met Cap’n Leo
-Made a Hill Giant look like a doofus
-Made it to Baldur’s Gate
-Investigated the Abyssal Plague/Varden

After being attacked by the guards of Elturel, in hopes getting Langdedrosa released from Ontharr, you re-grouped with Leosin and Oggutar. They both offered memberships within their organizations. Once that was finished you made your way to the docks to rush to Baldur’s Gate.

The trip along the River Chionthar was uneventful except for a headstrong hill giant looking for “shineez”. After an intense and very intelligent argument between the Giant and Jikar the rest of the party decided they were finished wasting time. Tiny used his ability to perfectly imitate someones voice to confuse the giant. Simultaneously Rand cast grease below the giants feet. Finally, the giant tried to jump into the boat but in his confused state, and slipping on the grease, he slammed into the side of the boat and fell into the river. What a smarty.

The party has arrived in Baldur’s Gate with Garrik just in time to celebrate the Highharvesttide Festival. Before the fun commences though you had to do some digging into the abyssal plague and its presence in the city.

You were directed toward a member of the Order of the Gauntlet’s house, the house of a man named Varden, to inquire about what he has discovered about the plague so far. Inside you only found death. Papers were scattered everywhere and downstairs there were multiple abyssal plague demons. An small outbreak has occured within the city. Varden was missing though.

Maps left around the house indicated that there was a source for the infection, which you followed. In the foothills outside of Baldur’s Gate you were lead to a cave in which you fought another round of Abyssal Plague Demons and found a basin containing red/gold specked plague liquid. The basin was obviously connected to another plane and it was imperative to somehow close this connection to stop the plagues spread.

After a majority of successful arcane and religion checks you were able to close this voidharrow basin.

Highharvesttide Festival
Party Time! Excellent!

-Finish ?Abyssal Plague in Baldur’s Gate
-Highharvesttide Festival
-Archery Contest: Tiny
-Dancing Contest: Jikar
-Arm Wrestling: Jikar
-Tri-District Cross City Race: Mirrin

Varden was assembling those sick with Abyssal Plauge at his house, which is why there were so many corpses and demons

Vardens family is dead

Party found a note from R asking for more abyssal tainted blood and dragon blood

The party killed Ravir, the tiefling, who was creating blood samples for the cult of the dragon

Joining the Caravan
Subterfuge and Intrigue

-Meeting with Garrik
-Garrik has changed
-List of Teamsters travelling together on the Trade Way
-Ontharr has the baby black dragon, it speaks abyssal
-Investigating the Teamsters
1. Upper City
2. Lower City
-Tiny followed LAi
3. Outer City
-Rand stayed in Upper City
-Tiny and Jikar haggled with Lai

Members joined with Lai

On to Waterdeep - The Trade Way Part I

-First 10 day overview
-Roadside Hospitality
-High Holy Day: Ghaunadaur


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