Abyssal Plague

In a dark dimension beyond the known planes of existence, the Chained God thirsts for freedom. Infusing his will into the residue of a long-dead universe—scarlet liquid shot through with veins of silver and flecks of gold—he sends this liquid crystal between worlds to prepare his way. But his will is not the only force that drives the Voidharrow.

Imbued with the power of the Voidharrow, the Cult of Ghaunadaur created a horde of demonic minions to spread the Abyssal Plague across the Nentir Vale. But the threat is not contained within a single region: there have been reports across Fearun of many cities contending with their own outbreaks of tainted demons and virulent plague.

The disease is known to have 3 stages, the third usually resulting in death. Once infected most do not survive longer than a week.

The Abyssal Plague outbreak in the small crossroads town of Easting was cured by a party of adventurers including: Gix, Kosh the Third Blade, Dagnabbit, Ulric Wolfaxe, Lanik, and Skyggen.

The outbreak within Baldur’s Gate and the Outer City was dealt with by: Jikar Jikamazad, Mirrin, Rand Ju’ein, Schyld Delmirev, Tiny, Varden, and Garrik Haleen

Abyssal Plague

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