Campaign Timeline

Timeline of Events

Harptos Calendar

1489 DR


Mirtul (The Melting) – Small settlements in the Greenfields start to get raided. Dragonborn barbarian tribes in the Greenfields are wiped out


Eleasias (Highsun) 9 – Kosh, Gix, Lanik, Dagnabbit, and Wolfaxe are recruited by Lady Mia of Iriabor to go to Easting and help stop an outbreak of the Abyssal Plague

Eleasias (Highsun) 11 – Your party arrives in Iriabor

Eleasias (Highsun) 12 – Ontharr Frume starts searching for new Harpers to help stop the Cult of the Dragon.

Eleasias (Highsun) 16 – You five arrive at the Sunset Shrine within the Sunset Mountains chasing leads on a Cult to Ghanadaur.

Eleasias (Highsun) 17 – Wolfaxe is killed

Eleasias (Highsun) 19 – Neverwinter is destroyed/Latent magic and enchantments start fading. Tharizdun becomes more powerful
Eleasias (Highsun) 19 – The Cult of Ghaunadaur is destroyed. The Voidharrow Basin is closed.

Eleasias (Highsun) 21 – The party arrives back to Iriabor and reports to Lady Mia their success in stopping the outbreak of the Abyssal Plague.


Eleint (The Fading) 3 – Lady Mia calls the party together. You head to Greenest with Deckard Caine.

Eleint (The Fading) 4 – Greenest is attacked by an enormous Blue Dragon and a bunch of raiders and Kobolds. You arrive in time to help.
Eleint (The Fading) 4 – Kosh the Third Blade dies

Eleint (The Fading) 5 – The raiders are repelled. Greenest survives (in shambles)

Eleint (The Fading) 6 – You recruit a druid near Greenest to help track the Raiding party.

Eleint (The Fading) 8 – You track the raiding party to a camp near the Wood of the Sharp Teeth. You save Leosin (kinda).

Eleint (The Fading) 10 – You arrive back at Greenest with an injured Leosin then head back to the Raider Camp.

Eleint (The Fading) 11 – Tiny, Mirrin, Rand, Schyld, and Jikar are tested against other potential Harpers.

Eleint (The Fading) 12 – Tiny, Mirrin, Rand,Schyld and Jikar become Harpers at the rank of Hireling (lowest).

Eleint (The Fading) 13 – Lanik, Dagnabbit, Schyld, Dorin and Gix arrive at the Raider Camp, it is burned and abandoned except for the cave in the rear of the camp.
Eleint (The Fading) 13 – Dagnabbit, Skyggen, and Dorin are killed. Gix is partially dismantled. Lanik uhhh dies??
Eleint (The Fading) 13 – Tiny, Mirrin, Rand, Schyld and Jikar help a halfling settlement deal with Smiley Bob.

Eleint (The Fading) 19 – Leosin arrives in Elturel and gives the new heroes information about the Cult of the Dragon. You set out to the Raider Camp.

Eleint (The Fading) 21 – You arrive to the location of the Raider Camp.

Eleint (The Fading) 22 – The party defeats and captures Langdedrosa Cyanwraith. Mondath is killed. You discover Black Dragon eggs within the Dragon Hatchery. You find information concerning the plans of the Cult of the Dragons plans along the Sword Coast.

Eleint (The Fading) 23 – The party is hunted by a pair of Owlbears. Rand is almost killed and loses an eye.

Eleint (The Fading) 24 – The party arrives back to Elturel. Langdedrosa is taken by Ontharr and Oggutar to be questioned.

Eleint (The Fading) 25 – Some city guardsmen attack Ontharr’s estate in an attempt to free Langdedrosa. The party leaves for Baldur’s Gate with Garrik.

Eleint (The Fading) 27 – The party arrives in Baldur’s Gate.
Eleint (The Fading) 27 – Garrik separates from the party.
Eleint (The Fading) 27 – You start investigating the Abyssal Plague within Baldur’s Gate. You find a cavern that is draws Mirrin to it. You face and kill the spectator.

Eleint (The Fading) 28 – Garrik is given another blood sample and tells the party to not disturb until after the festival.
Eleint (The Fading) 28 – Varden brought to Temple of Bahamut for healing

Eleint (The Fading) 30 – The party investigates the different festival contests


Highharvesttide – The party competes in most of the Highharvesttide Festival contests and helps each other win.
Highharvesttide – Baldur’s Gate reports a slaughter of ~20 dock workers that happened after the festival wound down.



Flamerule (Summertide) 20 – The party clears the sewers under Castle Valejo and prepare to move into the castle

Campaign Timeline

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