Initiation Ritual- Cult of the Dragon

When your characters first encountered the Cult of the Dragon in the caves between Elturel and Greenest the cult seemed to have an endless number of Kobolds at their command and had a number of creatures with a plethora of dragon traits ( Blue Drake Abomination)

Through some quick investigative skills and information obtained in Frulam Mondath’s chambers you learned that the Cult has an initiation ritual that each new member within the Cult of the Dragon has to go through.

Each new member is required to drink a large vial of enchanted dragon blood. Over the next few days they will become attuned to the type of dragon blood that they consumed.

One of three potential outcomes will happen:

  1. The new Cultist will survive the ritual unscathed and have an attuned connection to the dragon type whose blood they consumed
  2. The cultist is considered a" chosen" of Tiamat and is transformed into a dragon abomination. They take on the traits of the type of blood that they drank. Mondath referred to this as ascending.
  3. The new cultist was to weak to accept the dragon and dies almost instantly. Sometime within the next couple of days newly hatched Kobolds will burst from the corpses chest (Alien style).

From what you understand the ritual only works on willing participants. The party of adventurers that Leosin sent into the caves initially were not used nor transformed with the initiation ritual.

Initiation Ritual- Cult of the Dragon

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