Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

Holk House Part IV

Finally Finishing the Holk House

Your adventuring party stands before an immense set of double doors, the entrance to Holk House. Stepping forward Schyld and Jikar ready themselves to serve as the frontline and be the first two inside the Holk House. Schyld touches the door, his form waivers and suddenly he disappears. Jikar wondering what happened touches the door as well. His form waivers slightly and he also disappears. You all quickly learn that Schyld and Jikar have been teleported to the Bell of Conjuration. After they are teleported a large shimmering arcane Glyph of Warding appears on the doors. Eventually Schyld and Jikar make their way back to the party. Sigurd with a blessing from Tymora and arcane help from Tiny dispels the glyph so Schyld and Jikar can proceed.
The Dragonborn open the door and find themselves inside a small armory with a small collection of arms and armor. All of the equipment is covered in rust and wear due to centuries of neglect. There are two stairways on either side of the room, one going up and one leading down. You all decide that you should head up first. The room above is empty and all you see is a bunch of windows that give you a top-down vision of each section of the Holk House. Not sticking around for long you head back down the stairs to descend the other stairway. As you are back in the small armory a few of you notice that there is a small amount of air coming through small cracks in one of the walls in the armory. With a closer inspection you all realize that there is a secret door in the wall. So instead of descending down the second stairwell you decide to make your way through the secret door. The Glyph of Warding on the secret door posed no problem this time and you all make your way through to the next room. The secret door lead into what looks like a secret meeting room for the previous faithful of Eldath. There are a bunch of desecrated symbols of Eldath. You all also notice that this room smells putrid. The smell is almost overwhelming. Besides the smell you all also hear some chanting on the other side of the door in abyssal. The smell becomes worse, the chanting becomes louder and eventually you all decide to go into the next room. Right before you head in Mirrin looks through the keyhole and sees a big arcane vortex in the middle of the room.
You open the door and in front of you is a bulky toad-like monstrosity. The fiend’s armored flesh is scaly and moist and it has a large toothy mouth that gapes below a pair of hungry reptilian eyes. It appears in the middle of the vortex and takes one step towards you. This is the creature that the lizardfolk have named Shalashana and it looks intent on violence.


As the demonic soldier readies itself to lunge into the party you hear someone behind it, in a pinched and nasally voice, command it to stop. Tilting your head and looking behind the demon you notice a man who fits Varak’s Description looking your way and smiling.
“AHHHhhh Sigurd. I was wondering when you would join me here…and with guests. How convenient. Ghaunadaur has given so much more than you believe. Did you think yourself the only one? No…you couldn’t have been that naïve. Are you here to answer for the atrocities of the Cult of the Dragon? Fear not comrade…they are being taken care of. My lizardfolk army and” He gestures to the froglike demon “and Shalashana have made short work of the shipments that have been coming through. We’ve been so effective that it seems in the past couple weeks the shipments have stopped”
Sigurd, obviously distraught about something and seemingly overwhelmed with anger lets the conversation go on for only a few more moments. Also, while Sigurd is engaged in conversation with Varak the rest of you notice that Tiny is quietly clearing his throat over and over again. After each time he clears his throat he says a few words to himself…which after a few attempts sound closer and closer to Varak’s voice. All of a sudden Sigurd charges Varak and the fight is on. Sigurd stays close to Varak while the Dragonborn eventually rush and surround Shalashana. Varak, not wanting to stand toe-to-toe with Sigurd runs around the battlefield. This seems to buy time for the frog demon to attack Jikar and Schyld. The demon attacks with visceral fury hammering you both with claw attacks as well as working in the occasional bite. You both notice really quickly that this demon would be able to overwhelm both of you. And, as if its attacks weren’t enough, the smell of the demon is overwhelming, putrid and disgusting. It’s so bad that it effects your ability to attack efficiently.
Sigurd in an attempt to confuse and close in on Varak shrouds the area around himself with complete darkness. Varrak, realizing that he is completely out matched, dimension doors right next to tiny and takes off running, but due to the darkness only succeeds in smashing his junk into the railing leading down the stairs and falls over. Almost on queue Varak’s voice is heard from inside the darkness and as loud as possible it states, “Shalashana has been defeated and there are new rulers in Shalashana’s temple. Go into the Mere and collect them patronage.” Scuffling and yelling in draconic is heard…which eventually dies out. The temple has been effectively cleared of Lizardfolk for a short while.
Back in the room of the arcane vortex Schyld, Jikar, Mirrinx2, and eventually Tiny are able to get past the swinging fists and horrible stench of the Frog Demon and kill him. As the body slumps over it starts to dissipate and fall apart; its pieces floating up and disappearing into the ether. As that fight ends Sigurd drags Varak back into the room still shrouded in darkness. The darkness sits for about 2 minutes until suddenly it disappears and you are all witness to Sigurd pulling his ephemeral axe out of Varak’s chest. (Side note: during sigurd’s secret conversation with Varak in the darkness he saw a VERY determined Tiny, on his hands and knees, slowly creep towards Varak’s body. Once there Tiny groped his way to Varak’s pockets, pulled out a sack of coins, essentially high-fived himself and slowly slinked away….The perfect crime….Or it would have been if Sigurd didn’t watch it all go down with a look of dumbfounded exasperation)
With Shalashana gone and the lizardfolk having been taken care of non-violently the rest of the holk house was ready for you to explore.

-Explored Holk House
-Found Eldath Artifacts, Books of Planar Travel, Book of Wisdom, Mirror of Teleportation
-Teleported back to New Iniarv’s Tower
-Gave back the Eldath Artifact’s to Justin
-Almost got kicked out of the tower because Mirrin blessed Holk House
-Had a secret poker game with Justin
-Used the last shard of the mirror of Teleportation to Teleport to Castle Naerytar


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