Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

Iniarv's Tower and the Sad Fate of Rand

Death in the Hands of Healing

-The session starts at the onset of the fight with the Gaping Dragon

-Schyld channeling divine energy into his sword smites the Gaping Dragon’s tail off

-Rand is an unfortunate casualty in the fight with the Dragon. The Ring of Myrkul seemed to give a new unlife to Rand. Schyld, unknowingly, used lay on hands on Rand and killed him

-Schyld, Mirrin, and Jikar give Rand as honorable a funeral as possible. Tiny pockets most of the items on Rand’s cold dead body

-The party continues their trek into the Mere

-A created path heading north into the Mere is pointed out as the Mere becomes more boggy and underwater.

-The party arrive’s at New Iniarv’s Tower and are invited in by Sir Justin who gives them a quest within the Mere


Reckoning_Wolf Reckoning_Wolf

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