Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

Mornhaven Towers - Part 1

More Mere...Oh Boy

Session 15
-Party found a ring of standing stones, learned spells from them, then activated them. The stones powered up and shot an arcane beam towards Mornhaven Towers

-Making there way towards the beam the party was ambushed by lizardfolk. Everyone but Rand and Tiny were captured by the lizardfolk and taken to their tribal camp

-Schyld was taken aside by the lizardfolk chieftain and told about the Cult stealing their eggs

-Rand and Tiny hatched a plan to free the party while the party was set free by the lizardfolk.

-The party went to Mar’Karth’s fortress and were taken prisoner by Mar’Karth

-The lizardfolk attacked the fortress while the party fought on the inside and successfully took over Mar’Karth’s fort and gave the eggs back to the lizardfolk

-Rand found a Ring of Myrkul on Mar’Karth

-The party went through a portal which lead to the interior of Mornhaven Tower


Reckoning_Wolf Reckoning_Wolf

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