Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

The Clumsy Giant

Trip on the River Chionthar and Baldur's Gate

-Joining either Order of the Gauntlet or The Harpers
-Met Cap’n Leo
-Made a Hill Giant look like a doofus
-Made it to Baldur’s Gate
-Investigated the Abyssal Plague/Varden

After being attacked by the guards of Elturel, in hopes getting Langdedrosa released from Ontharr, you re-grouped with Leosin and Oggutar. They both offered memberships within their organizations. Once that was finished you made your way to the docks to rush to Baldur’s Gate.

The trip along the River Chionthar was uneventful except for a headstrong hill giant looking for “shineez”. After an intense and very intelligent argument between the Giant and Jikar the rest of the party decided they were finished wasting time. Tiny used his ability to perfectly imitate someones voice to confuse the giant. Simultaneously Rand cast grease below the giants feet. Finally, the giant tried to jump into the boat but in his confused state, and slipping on the grease, he slammed into the side of the boat and fell into the river. What a smarty.

The party has arrived in Baldur’s Gate with Garrik just in time to celebrate the Highharvesttide Festival. Before the fun commences though you had to do some digging into the abyssal plague and its presence in the city.

You were directed toward a member of the Order of the Gauntlet’s house, the house of a man named Varden, to inquire about what he has discovered about the plague so far. Inside you only found death. Papers were scattered everywhere and downstairs there were multiple abyssal plague demons. An small outbreak has occured within the city. Varden was missing though.

Maps left around the house indicated that there was a source for the infection, which you followed. In the foothills outside of Baldur’s Gate you were lead to a cave in which you fought another round of Abyssal Plague Demons and found a basin containing red/gold specked plague liquid. The basin was obviously connected to another plane and it was imperative to somehow close this connection to stop the plagues spread.

After a majority of successful arcane and religion checks you were able to close this voidharrow basin.


Reckoning_Wolf Reckoning_Wolf

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