Lai Angesston

Gold Dwarf Teamster on the Trade Way


Lai is a Male Gold Dwarf Merchant who also leads a wagon going along the Trade Way from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep. The first thing anyone notices when dealing with Lai is that he has a sweet but potent smell about him. This is due to Lai being an ambitious merchant of cooking oils and perfumes from the Amn region which he advertises to the aristocrats of Baldur’s Gate.


Lai is one of the Caravaneers that you could join to gather information on the Cult of the Dragon as you follow them along the Trade Way to Waterdeep. In your initial investigations of Lai you found that he was hiring guards for the trip to Waterdeep because his original guards were killed after the Highharvesttide Festival. It was also discovered that Lai was shipping a large quantity of stolen goods.

Tiny, using subterfuge and guile, found that Lai was helping transport members of the Cult of the Dragon to Waterdeep, and that the stolen goods that he was transporting were those stolen from Greenest. Besides this instance, Lai is known for his shady business practices.

Lai is also a known acquaintance of Muirnir Hammerhand one of the new leaders of Baldur’s Gate.


  • Hired Tiny and Jikar as his caravan guards
  • A group of travelers paying him for transport to Waterdeep are definitely cultists
  • Is transporting stolen goods from Greenest

Lai Angesston

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