Cleric of Tymora


Physical Description:
Height: 5ft tall, 6in.
Weight: 148 lbs
Build: Thin, but muscular
Skin Color: Earthy brown-red skin
Eyes: White, no pupils
Hair: Jet Black. Short, and spikey (think super saiyan, and I know the pic to the right is not like this)
Horn Description: Comes out of the forehead, growing backwards following the skull.
Horn Color: Fading from Darker brown to a dark red/black at the tip.

If one were to encounter a grinning tiefling, juggling a coin between their fingers, and a symbol of Tymora etched into the center of their breastplate – it’s more than likely to be Mirrin!


What is currently known:

Mirrin is from Waterdeep, the City of Splendor.

He has complete faith in his deity – Tymora, and believes she has a hand in all things.

The lady favors the bold, and Mirrin will gladly thrust himself in the unknown for a mere chance at a glimpse of her smile!


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