Oggutar the Dragon Slayer

Half-Orc Dragonslayer, Order of the Guantlet


The Dragonslayer

Oggutar is a Half-Orc Ranger with two metal limbs. Holding an almost perpetual grimace Oggutar is an intimidating figure, which is also aided by his 7’ tall frame. Runes are etched all along his prosthetic limbs but they lay to his side unmoving, as if they are no longer enchanted. Oggutar is well known throughout the Sword Coast as “The Dragonslayer” and it is well known that he leads The Order of the Guantlet.


Oggutar is a half-orc shaped, both inwardly and outwardly, by violence, cruelty, and sorrow. The son of a woman taken in by a tribe of orcs, a Green Dragon orphaned him when it slaughtered his parents, ravaged his tribe, tore off his right arm and leg, and left him for dead.

Og certainly would have perished had not Telvan, an enchanter from Candlekeep, rescued him and fitted him with enchanted iron prostheses. Throughout his life Og has hated dragons and delighted in killing them. Thus, it was fate that led him and his comrades into forming the Order of the Gauntlet whose initial conception was to find and destroy chromatic dragons along the sword coast.

Og has said that his enchanted limbs stopped working on Eleasias 20, when all of Fearun lost a majority of its lasting magic. Wtihout the manueverability the enchantments on his prosthetic limbs provided Oggutar can no longer fight head on with the Cult. So instead he helps the realm by managing the Order of the Gauntlet.

You were able to see Oggutar fight when the guards from the gates of Elturel disturbed your trial with the hostage, Langdedrosa Cyanwraith. Og slammed his limb against the ground which forced them to ignite with a bright red light at which point they looked to grant him advanced speed and strength. The enchantment was short though as Og was only able to channel the magic for about a minute.

Oggutar the Dragon Slayer

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