Oyn Evenmoor

Human Merchant Teamster


Oyn is a large human male with a stern look and an eye-patch. He also walks favoring one leg. He has moppy black hair and a large beard. Alcohol flows liberally when he is around.


Oyn is a stubborn argumentative man with a strong opinion about everything, but he is very generous about pouring drinks with those who stick around to argue. He is known for hauling exotic goods from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep but the party has found out that for the trip that they will be along for that he is hauling stolen goods.

Oyn is a friend of Lai Angesston and also lost his guards on the night of Highharvesttide.


  • Hired Rulk as a guard for the trip
  • Has a group of travelers that only recently arrived in Baldur’s Gate
  • Is probably associated with the Cult of the Dragon in some fashion

Oyn Evenmoor

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