Dawn of the Old Gods: Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny in Phlan II


-Talked with the survivors about making a plan to save Phlan
-Ventured out of the Inn to gather info and save more townsfolk
-Made your way to Aya’s wizard tower
-2/3 Librarian’s blew themselves up trying to get into a room you convinced them to go into
-You found Aya’s sex dungeon
-Gained some useful but sensual magic items
-Went to find the Welcomers (Phlans Thieves Guild)
-Found Glevith and the Welcomers
-Glevith gave the Harper members a task to complete for the Harpers
-You brought Glevith, the remaining Librarian, and all of the other survivors to the original inn


Reckoning_Wolf Reckoning_Wolf

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