Order of the Guantlet



The Order of the Gauntlet is the most visible force against evils plaguing the realm. Many paladins and clerics of Tyr, Helm, Torm,and Hoar have joined the organization, seeing it as—finally!—a way of making common cause against the evils abroad in the world. The Order of the Gauntlet was originally created by Oggutar (OG) the Dragon Slayer to combat the rising threat of chromatic dragons but has quickly taken on a life of its own and has evolved into an order to combat all things harming the realm.

The Gauntlet is unique in its defense though as it is ready to lash out once evil has acted, but not a moment before. When evil breaks laws, agreements, or commonly accepted codes of conduct the Gauntlet strikes hard and fast, without waiting for the blessings of distant temples or the permission of rulers. Evil must be met in the field and smashed, or it will swiftly overcome all.

The Order of the Gauntlet is a dedicated, tightly knit group of like-minded individuals driven by a finely honed sense of justice. Friendship and camaraderie are important to newer members of the Order of the Gauntlet, and they share a trust and a bond normally reserved for siblings. Like highly motivated soldiers, members of the Order of the Gauntlet seek to become the best at what they do and look forward to testing their mettle.


Action is the greatest weapon against evil—when evil rears its ugly head you crush it under the might of your clenched fist. Faith is a strong weapon as well; not deific faith—but faith in ones self, ones abilities, and ones friends. Battling evil is an extraordinary task that requires extraordinary strength and bravery. Punishing an evil act is just. Punishing an evil thought is a waste of time.


1. Defender
The base rank within the Order of the Gauntlet. Most members that join as a defender and stay within the rank throughout their adventuring career.
2. Warder
Warder is the highest rank that multiple members can achieve. They actively search for trouble throughout the realm and dictate where to send defenders to punish evil. Most Warder’s have a retinue of 3-20 Defenders that report to them.
3.I The Hammer
The Hammer is one member who acts as Oggutar’s adviser, and also dictates Order of the Gauntlet members to matters that need to be dealt with swiftly. Wiping out Dragons and purging an undead uprising are something that would be dealt with by the Hammer.
3.II The Shield
The Shield is one member who also acts as Oggutar’s adviser, and also dictates members to combat evil that cannot be dealt with using a single offensive action. The shield will go alongside the members sent by the Hammer to train peasants and fortify town defenses.
4. The Dragonslayer
This is Oggutar’s position. He is the leader. He is loved throughout the Sword Coast.


To be armed, vigilant, and ready to smite evil, enforce justice, and enact retribution. In the past this vigilance was reserved to evil dragons but in the past 10 years Oggutar’s order has evolved into something much larger. This means identifying evil threats such as secretive power groups and inherently evil creatures, watching over them, and being ready to attack the moment they misbehave. (These are always retributive strikes, never preemptive.)


Oggutar formed the Order of the Gauntlet to rally a force against the vile spawn of Tiamat. Oggutar would go to a town or region with reports of being subdued by dragon attacks, rally the local heroes, and hunt and destroy the dragon. Larger cities, spreading tales of Oggutar’s feats throughout the Sword Coast, making his Order into something more than it was conceived to be. Paladin’s and clerics sought Oggutar out in hopes of joining the Order, not to only combat dragons, but as a way to justify their fight against evil across the realm. Over the past 10 years the order has exponentially grown in size and is now an order for those who want to pacify evil, in all its forms, across Fearun. And even though Oggutar may not encompass all of the values that the Order represents now, no one has thought to supplant his leadership.

Notable Members:

Order of the Guantlet

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